rent a bicycle in the village

The lodge is located almost in the center of Mto wa Mbu which gives visitors a lot of opportunities to learn the real Tanzania! Taste the fish from lake Manyara, eat ugali, make a bicycle tour in the village and much more. You find more points of interest on the map! See also the village Mto wa Mbu in Google Map


It is possible to rent bicycles in Mto wa Mbu for about $5 a day. (ca 10.000 Tsh). Turn right when you leave the lodge. Then go untel the asphalt road and turn lift. You will see a couple of shops which rent bicycles. (see the number 15)

map mto wa mbu

1 - The Catholic Church, 2 -The Fitness Center
3 Double M Bar, 4 - Another Bar, 5 - Cheap Shoes
6 - Bus stand, 7 - Another 1 Bar, 8 - Police Station
10 - Food Market, 11 - Tasty and hot milk
12 - Fish market (taste the Lake Manyara fish)
13 - Fresh Milk from Masaai (Try also ugoro - the locl tobaco)
14 - Another Bar, 15 - Bicycle Rent Shop
16 - Culture Tourism Office